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Brueggemann Funeral Home Launches New Logo Design

Since 1961 Brueggemann Funeral Home has been serving the East Northport community as a leader in the industry. It is a great privilege to have worked with over 10,ooo families in the Long Island area. We are known for serving families of those who have served our nation. We pride ourself in our factuality which is brightly lit, professionally decorated, and designed to accommodate all types of services and memorials. Our East Northport Funeral Home is located on 22 Larkfield Road and easily accessible from all highways, by Long Island Rail Road, and the nearby Port Jefferson-Bridgeport ferry. As we enter a new year Brueggemann Funeral Home has decided to do some new branding. Our first scope was to redesign our company logo. For this we hired Long Island web design & SEO company, Benjamin Marc. “When Michael from Brueggemann Funeral Home called me to design their logo & website I was honored. The reputation of Brueggemann Funeral Home in the local community is unsurpassed by how they treat people. I had the benefit of working with Michael through the process which made things very easy for us. I understand why he holds a high rank with Brueggemann Funeral Home due to his ability to direct us in what they were looking for when it comes to a logo design. Michael portrayed to us that he wanted to showcase a bell in the logo. There is a bell that hangs in the Brueggemann Funeral Home that they wanted to incorporate in the company brand. Our team was able to design and illustration of the actual bell and it came out great” Commented Benjamin Marc CEO, Anthony Savino. Brueggemann Funeral Home choose Navy blue and Gold to stay with the color scheme of the warm feel of the establishment. The new logo symbolizes class and integrity which are attributes that the funeral home possesses.  

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