The focus of the funeral is on service and sharing a person’s life story. Having the opportunity to share stories, lessons, and memories of your loved one is what brings value to a funeral and helps you, as well as family and friends to heal.

We offer select products which families have found to help them honor and carry forward after the loss of a loved one.

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We proudly offer hand-built caskets from Florence Casket Company, as well as from Matthews, Island and The Thacker Casket Company. The units we carry are hand selected to have the best value for their appearance and the protection.

Many families in our area prefer the look of wood, and the personal one-of-a-kind appearance that a hand finished casket offers.

We offer burial vaults built by Wilbert. A vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the casket. It protects the casket from the weight of the earth and heavy maintenance equipment used to service the cemetery as it passes over the grave.A vault also helps resist water and preserves the beauty of the cemetery or memorial park by preventing the ground from settling.

The prayer card is a tradition several hundred years in the making. We continue this tradition, by offering families both standard type holy cards as well as custom printed prayer cards. Each, with any type of prayer or verse on it’s reverse side.

Prayer cards typically feature an image on the face of the card, often of Jesus, Mary, a Saint, or even a design or pattern. We also have cards that honor a deceased’s military service, hobby, or the outdoors with a floral or scenic series card.

We can help you to customize a prayer card with a photo of your loved one, a personalized poem or favorite verse on the back. Many families also choose to adorn a card with a small American Flag for veterans, or grave location information.

Browse our offerings of prayer cards below or contact us to design a custom card for your loved one’s funeral services.

After the funeral, it is customary to thank those people who sent flowers, donations, memorials or helped you settle into a new life without your loved one. We can help you select and customize a printed thank you card to sign, stamp and share.

The cross is a symbol of the atonement and remins Christians of God’s love in sacrificing his own son for humanity. It represents Jesus’ victory over sin and death. Customarily, a cross or crucifix hangs in the interior panel of a casket to be used during services or mass. The cross is usually brought home to become a keepsake and often times an heirloom that families share with each other through generations. We offer simple, elegant, contemporary crosses and crucifixes as well as ornate adorned ones for your services.

After a loved one is cremated, their cremains should be kept safe from harm in the safety of an urn. Urns types and styles vary widely from ceramics, to wood, cultured stone, ceramics, and often metal. Urn sizes and type should be selected based on what your family decides to do with the cremains and where you will be keeping an urn. Sharable, or keepsake urns allow family members to each keep a small amount of cremains in personal take home sized urns that come in a multitude of shapes and colors. Wood and ceramic urns are popular and often have one-of-a –kind accents and colors, they are ideal for keeping home or placement in a niche. Urn vaults or urethane lined cultured stone urns are best suited for protecting cremains which will be buried in the earth. We also offer sea urns and scattering urns.

Memorializing your pet is really no different than memorializing any other member of your family. We have urns that can be personalized, engraved and adorned with any stock or custom image to honor your pet.

Personalized paw print pendants, key chains and dog tags offer a deeply touching way to honor and remember your pet’s life. Available in sterling silver and stainless steel, each keepsake includes your pet’s paw print and a place for your personal inscription. Create a keepsake as personal, beautiful and unique as the life it honors.

To order, simply go online to Legacy Touch Keepsakes and select your keepsake. Before checkout, validate your Loved One’s PIN and proceed to check out.

Our memorial jewelry is a great way to always make sure your loved one is near. A small amount of cremains can be sealed within a pendant or charm to be kept on a necklace, bracelet or key ring. Charms can be bought as a set or individually to add to your necklace or even a Pandora-style wristlet.

Photos tell a story, a person’s first love, first home, to first born. Having photos at hand is the ultimate way to illustrate your loved one’s life and honor their works. We can help you select photos, organize them, and put them to music to be shared during your visitation or memorial service. Extra copies of your disc are available and become a lasting tribute to ensure your family is never further away than the push of a play button.

Each life is unique, especially among those who knew a Loved One best. A fingerprint is a deeply meaningful expression of that uniqueness. We have partnered with Legacy Touch to create beautiful, personalized memorial keepsakes.

For each service we provide, we scan fingerprints and provide a personalized PIN number for your family. You can order from a large offering of pins, charms, pendants, tags or cremation jewelry. Legacy touch also offers rings, knifes, tie tacks money clips and keepsakes with a masculine touch.

To order, simply go online to Legacy Touch Keepsakes and select your keepsake. Before checkout, validate your Loved One’s PIN and proceed to check out.

Casket nameplates traditionally emblazoned the casket of wealthy individuals. These highly adorned plates proclaimed the identity of the person within and through their design and ornaments would tell about a person’s life work or their accomplishments. We appreciate this history, and carry on its tradition by offering families customized nameplates. Where possible, we work to learn about a person’s passions and express them on a custom engraved name plate for each person we serve.

The register is your record of friends and family who have come to share your pain in loss. We offer families our Book of Memories which not only allows your visitors to sign in but also puts your loved one’s name, date of birth, date of passing, service, and family tree all in one place. For our Veterans we offer options for military themed registers or the ability to add military service history to our Book of Memories.