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About Pre-Planning Brueggemannfh

Pre-arranging for a funeral is generally a disquieting chore. Death, though inevitable, lacks the element of joy that surround other events in life such as getting married or building a family. Nevertheless death is certain and pre-arranging can eliminate the fear and doubt left on loved ones in as little as 15 minutes.

There are many options available to families who encounter loss. Together, we can help to tailor an arrangement that is right for you, helping to capture the legacy that families can treasure for generations.

Pre-arranging a funeral is often as simple as providing information about a person in addition to listing a next-of-kin for the funeral director to contact when the need arises. More often, families choose to create a comprehensive plan that includes all the requisite statistical information needed to prepare death certificates, as well as record wishes for types of services, memorials, and often times even selecting the casket, urn, or memorial cards to be used.

Pre-funding is an added tool to help families bear the burden of funeral expenses. A pre-paid funeral can not only be a relief for the families but can also help to satisfy requirements for a Medicaid application or long-term care facility.