Printed Announcements

We have contacts with all the largest newspapers and media sources to help you get word out about your loved one’s passing. Many families chose to run one or two days print ad in local papers to invite guests during visitation, as well as announce services, memorials and acknowledge family. Death notices are a pay per line service offered by the newspapers, we will help you fashion and format an appropriate notice when you are planning services.

Death Notices

A death notice is a paid notice, like a classified advertisement, that families can write and submit to the newspapers and publications of their choosing. Death notices announce that the person has passed, and offer information on funeral services, as well as where donations can be made as well as minor biographical write up about the person.

If you would like to run a printed death notice in the local newspaper for funeral services, it is important to consider the value of content for it’s price. We suggest allowing our Licensed Funeral Director the opportunity to pen a rough draft of a notice that your family can add to, edit, or omit from.


An obituary is an editorial piece, written by staff writers of a newspaper or publication that is an indepth biographical piece on a person that the newspaper, writer or editor, feel made a significant contribution through their life works. Obituaries offer limited family information, and often forego any detailed funeral information as generally, an obituary requires interviews and research on the part of the writer that will often delay publication until after funeral services have been completed. Families and Funeral Directors can request an obituary be written, though a request is no guarantee that the newspaper or publication will have interest.