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Common Questions

The moments immediately following a death are stressful and confusing. The most important step is to take a few minutes as a family and decompress. Spend a few minutes absorbing what has happened and discuss what you as a family expect to happen over the next few days. Only when you are clear on your expectations of a funeral, can we really deliver a fitting funeral. Next, call the funeral home we can be reached 24 hours a day at (631) 368-1235; we’ll take it from there to help you plan services as unique as your family. We handle everything including church or fraternal organizations, cemetery, and Social Security. You might find it helpful to visit our online arrangement tool to get started.

Simply put, because to us you are not just a number. We live and work in the community and take immense pride in the bonds we make with families. It is our privilege to create a relationship that though forged through grief becomes one that often spans generations. Using a Family Owned funeral home, guarantees you a personalized tribute, from intimate to intricate – We’re here to get you through the dark days.

New York State requires that a Licensed Funeral Director be present to personally supervise the transportation, interment, entombment or cremation of the deceased. Funeral Directors are required to file for the death certificate as well as transportation permits which allow the deceased to be moved from the place of death, funeral home, or cemetery.

Funeral homes are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission; we publish a General Price List which is a generic list with prices of our regular offerings and services. Prices between funeral homes can vary widely, and it is important to speak with a Licensed Funeral Director to get an accurate price on the type of service you expect. You can start the conversation now with our online arrangement tool, and have us call you back to explain pricing and options. If you need to speak to a director immediately, please call us at (631) 368-1235.

Understanding the costs involved with a funeral is very important. We accept cash, personal checks, as well as credit cards. We will work with your estate attorney or life insurance carrier to assign funeral benefits to the bill. We will always honor the wishes of the deceased regardless of finance but if finances are a concern, it is important you discuss this with your Funeral Director so we can work out an arrangement before you sign a contract for services.

Every veteran who has been honorably discharged or discharged due to a service related injury or illness is entitled to a burial flag and military honors. Also, veterans are entitled to one burial plot or a cremation niche at the National Cemetery for themselves and a spouse, as well as any disabled dependent children. The Veterans Administration has financial benefits that can be awarded in few circumstances. We can help you navigate the application process if you are eligible to receive these benefits.

We understand that some people feel talking about their or a loved one’s funeral can be a scary proposition. But imagine the burden you leave, or the burden left on you by never expressing those final wishes. Often times a short conversation with a Licensed Funeral Director to put your wishes in writing can ensure that survivors aren’t left with doubt or questions as to what to do, or who to notify. Don’t rely on putting your funeral wishes in a will or codicil; as usually the will isn’t read until after funeral services are finished.

Yes they can. Many people find that pre-planning their own funeral or planning for a relative helps to ease the burden after someone has passed. A pre-arrangement can be as simple as providing a name and release information to the funeral home – which can help expedite getting your loved one released from the care of a hospital or nursing facility. A pre-arrangement can even include all the services, casket selection, cards and any religious or memorial services.

We also offer the option to pre-fund a funeral. While, New York State does not allow any funeral home to retain monies for a service before someone has passed we offer the Cooperative Funeral Fund as a method to pay for all or part of your funeral in the safety of a trust fund. These accounts are secure, and build interest which can be applied back to the value of your funeral when the account is closed. Accounts are portable, and can be transferred between funeral homes. Funeral Trusts can be used to legally spend down a person’s assets to become eligible for Medicaid benefits.

A funeral that is pre-arranged is simply your having met with a Licensed Funeral Director to put your wishes for a funeral on paper. If you move away, or decide to use a different funeral home transferring your information to a new funeral home is as simple as sending an secure email with your information and wishes. If your funeral has been pre-funded, it is important to call us to ensure that the new funeral home participates in a funeral trust program that records irrevocable life trusts to protect your money from the Medicaid look back. If they do not, we can work with them to hold your account, and transfer the monies to your new funeral home after a death has occurred.

Except in certain special cases, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however; if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with a viewing. If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose an arrangement which does not require you to pay for it, such as cremation or immediate burial.

Unless you are a military veteran, or a spouse of a military veteran who is or will be interred at a National Cemetery, yes. The purchase of grave space is not handled as part of arrangements for a funeral. We suggest you contact a cemetery in advance to select grave space, and arrange for its purchase. Purchasing a grave only allows the interment rights to that space. The purchase price usually does not include charges for opening the grave for each interment. Many cemeteries have installment plans available on earth graves and above ground mausoleum crypts.

Of course. There is a common misconception that cremation has to be immediate and that no one can see their loved one or say goodbye. Cremation is only what happens after a funeral, just like burial. Families that choose cremation can still benefit from having an open casket, visitation and a funeral service. After the wake or service instead of burial or entombment, the casket is brought for cremation and the cremains placed in an urn to be brought home, buried or entombed at a later date. Even for families who select cremation with no services, we still suggest that the person be bathed, and dressed. Dignity means going beyond what is seen.

It is important to dress reverently for funeral services. We recommend at least dark slacks, shoes, and shirt for men. For women, slacks and blouse or a knee-length skirt are appropriate. Try to avoid high or thin heels, or shoes which can alter your balance as often times cemetery grounds are uneven or have loose stone or soil. But you don’t need to wear all black; funerals don’t have to be morose. Wearing a shirt that is the deceased’s favorite color or a tie that embodies their favorite hobby is a great and personal way to express your affection for someone.

Some cemeteries do require vaults or a rigid outer burial container, usually made of concrete, steel or fiber glass. Cemeteries have the option to require an outer burial container throughout the cemetery or sometimes only in some areas or sections. The purpose of a vault is to keep the earth from collapsing onto the casket and more importantly to protect the casket and the loved one within. While not all cemeteries require a vault, very often families in our area choose to use one for personal closure and peace of mind.

The Social Security Administration may pay a onetime, lump sum death benefit of $255 to the surviving spouse provided that the deceased and the spouse were married and recorded as living together at the time of death. This benefit only pays out once, to the spouse who is first widowed, and does not get paid out to children, or a named beneficiary as an insurance policy would. Further information regarding benefits that you or your family may be eligible for can be obtained by calling the Social Security Administration directly at (800) 772-1213 or visiting their website at

We accept all pre-arranged funerals. If you have arranged at another funeral home or if you have moved out of the area but wish to have services at our funeral home or return to New York we can work with a network of select Independent Funeral Homes to see that your return to East Northport is handled in a dignified and expedient manner.

We know the pain of losing a pet is often not less than losing any other family member. But, funeral establishments that handle human remains are not allowed to handle animal remains also. We can help you memorialize your pet with an urn or keepsake, but recommend speaking with your veterinarian for resources on burying or cremating your pet.

If you or your loved one maintained a life insurance policy, we can work with your carrier or help you through the claim process. Many insurance carriers will allow funeral homes to submit an Assignment of Benefits along with your claim forms and an original funeral invoice thus allowing the insurance carrier to pay the funeral home directly, and avoiding any out-of-pocket expense on your part.

We don’t allow families to rent caskets. Our casket offerings are fairly priced, and many are built by hand which gives each a unique finish and character. The casket is a very personal item, and is a tribute to the person which it protects. We work hard to present high quality caskets which your loved one rests in for interment, entombment or cremation.

We are aware of many online service providers. These are standalone entities who advertise and represent themselves as businesses throughout communities in the country. Often times, these companies will use terms like “affiliated” or “work with” to misguide families into believing that they are contracted or retained by a particular funeral home. The Brueggemann Funeral Home is not affiliated with, and does not contract or utilize the service of any online funeral or “low-cost” cremation services. We offer a variety of funeral and materialization services which we feel are affordably priced based on the care and effort we take to assist each family. We encourage families to research their options, and believe in the values of tradition, and helping families one at a time. When considering your options, always remember that Brueggemann Funeral Home will never ask you to call a 1-800 hotline, and will never redirect you away from our website at to gather your information. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (631) 368-1235