Our Staff

Robert Brueggemann


After being discharged from the U.S. Army at the end of World War II, Mr. Brueggemann would settle in Northport and begin attending mortuary school in New York City. During his studies, Mr. Brueggemann would work for S. Robbins and Son Funeral home, later known as Taylor Funeral home located at the base of Scudder Avenue in Northport. The Taylor Funeral Home would expand in 1958 building a smaller, second funeral home located south of Clay Pitts. Later, the Taylors would prepare to separate from the slower annexed Funeral Home. Mr. Brueggemann recognized the need for service in the young hamlet of East Northport, and bought the one-chapel building in 1961.

Douglas Brueggemann


Douglas is a longtime resident of Northport, having earned his Associates Degree in Mortuary Science at Farmingdale State University he became a Licensed Funeral Director in 1978. Having learned the trade from his father, Robert Brueggemann – the founder of the Brueggemann Funeral Home; Doug would take control of the family business in October of 1991, with his business partner Paul Papa. Doug is a Co-Founder and Past President of the Nassau-Suffolk Funeral Directors Association. Currently, he serves as President-Elect of the New York State Funeral Directors Association and is Chairman of the Family Assistance Commission. Doug’s service with the National Victims Information Center, has helped to identify victims, and bring closure to families after the TWA Flight 800 Disaster, September 11th Attacks, Flight 587 Disaster, Hurricane Katrina, and the Joplin Missouri Tornados of 2011.

Paul Papa


Paul grew up in North Babylon, and earned his Associates Degree in Mortuary Science at Farmingdale State University in 1981. Having begun his funeral career as a Director’s Assistant at Lang-Tobia-Di Palma Paul would join the Brueggemann Funeral Home in June of 1981, earning his license in 1982. Paul would partner with Douglas in 1991 to run the Brueggemann Funeral Home, and is a long-standing member of the American Society of Embalmers as well as the Knight of Columbus – Fr. Thomas A. Judge Council of East Northport. He currently serves as a lector and Eucharistic minister as well as serves on several committees at St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Greenlawn. Paul resides in Greenlawn with his wife and son.

Dianna Brueggemann-LoBue


Dianna grew up in Commack and attended Hauppauge High School until her graduation in 1998. Having first attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, she started a career in fashion. Dianna returned to Nassau Community College graduating in 2010 with her Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. Dianna, lives in the home built by her grandparents, along with her husband Anthony and daughter Izabella. Dianna choreographed the 2013 interior remodel of the funeral home and is known for her design and culinary talent and often shares her grandmother’s recipes with the funeral home staff.

Joseph Marando


Joseph is a life-long resident of Commack. Having attended Commack High School North until 1974 and started his career as a Systems Analyst. Joseph returned to Nassau Community College in 2003 to earn his Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. As a young man, Joseph volunteered with the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, which he credits for imparting to him a compassionate nature. Joseph currently resides in Commack, with his wife Kathy and their three children Michael, Melissa and Matthew.

Carmela Brueggemann


Carmela grew up in East Northport, and attended the Academy of St. Joseph’s in Brentwood until her graduation in 2006. Having been with the Brueggemann Funeral Home since she was 18, Carmela attended Suffolk Community College, and later Nassau Community College where she earned her Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. Currently residing in Kings Park, with her husband Robert Brueggemann she enjoys riding her horse Darnells, and working her family’s farm in upstate New York.

Craig DeMaio


Craig is a life-long resident of East Northport and a 1989 graduate of Northport High School. Craig graduated from SUNY Stony Brook as a dual major of Sociology and Psychology, and then served twenty years in law enforcement. Before his retirement, Craig would return to Nassau Community College earning his Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. Craig resides in East Northport with his wife and daughter.

Michael Hoddinott


Michael is a 2003 graduate of Northport High School. Having originally pursued an education in the Emergency Services field, he soon found that his enthusiasm for history often ended in church yards and colonial era cemeteries; visiting the historic graves of civil war and revolutionary soldiers. Michael attended Nassau Community College, graduating with an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. Michael is an Ex-Chief of the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps and enjoys road tripping to National Historic Landmarks in his antique car.